The Safemoon cryptocurrency’s community raided in the early hours of Sunday, June 13th while admins was asleep. SpaceVikings pillaged and burned one of the largest $SFM burns in history.

Over a Quarter of a Billion Safemoon Burned in the World’s First Crypto Raid by SpaceVikings.

The time is 6.50am in local Danish time and it’s a regular morning in the Safemoon telegram, the chat room of the current largest community token on Binance Smart Chain. The Admins are fast asleep with over 9.000 community members online as something unprecedented unfolds. SpaceVikings storm the room.

“We’re the SpaceVikings and we’re taking this token!” shouted repeatedly by several raiders. “To VALHALLA!” yelled another. Safemoon community members were overwhelmed with annoyance as some asked “Where are the admins?”

Over the course of the next 20 minutes, the SpaceVikings made purchases of $SFM and burned over 300 million Safemoon tokens.

The Transaction can be found here

Safemoon has experienced unparalleled growth this year, a household name amongst crypto natives as one of the top performing assets of 2021. It currently sits at 54th most valuable crypto with a marketcap of €2.00B, up 8308% from it’s all-time low earlier this year in March.

Cryptocurrencies hit the mainstream in 2021 with thousands of tokens being minted with different tokenomics designed to attract long term holders through almost infinite variations of incentives, feel-good memes and charities. Yet despite the frenzy, when Bitcoin sharply dropped 55% in May, tokens dropped 65–90% in value seemingly overnight.

“Almost all of these communities rely entirely on a Bitcoin bull run to experience any growth and the moment that stops, all the clone coins goto zero.We’ve created the tokenomics, incentives and unique systematic strategy that will enable us to thrive even in a bear market as we bring the party to any communities we raid.”

“We keep our community engaged with raids. A % of every transaction is saved in order to buy tokens from other communities. We then burn them. In doing so, in the Viking way, we bring fun to our holders while also attracting new raiders. We get to shine a light on other community projects and we remove a significant amount of their supply from their market permanently. It’s a win/win for our community, the communities we raid, and our holders.” -William Ibsen the CEO of SpaceVikings.

The 300 million Safemoon burned is one of the largest amount of $SFM that has been burned in a single transaction.

William is the CEO and one of 6 fully doxxed developers from SpaceVikings, one of the first Danish cryptocurrencies.

“At SpaceVikings, we have all been inspired by the astronomical success and the energy behind the community of Safemoon. We found a way that we can differentiate ourselves from the market by raising funds for Raids to boost the communities we target. In the future we will target smaller cap tokens where our buying power will create dramatic increase in price and take a really significant part of their supply off the market, creating a bullish event they can share and drive home mutually beneficial growth.”

William ends the interview with…

“We decided to choose Safemoon as our first Raid because we’re letting the world know that we’re setting our targets high. We’re coming and nobody can stop us!”

Soon SpaceVikings will be available for trading at ZBG Exchange and therefore be following Safemoons steps!

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