We helped a fellow serious project with a pump of 22,2% and burned 100% of our supply.

On Sunday, 11pm CEST the 2nd Crypto Raid was launched. Our SpaceVikings answered the call of Odin to storm community of NoWarCoin. And what a storm he brought.

On this night, we bought up the NoWarCoin pumping the price 22.2% and burned 100% of it, creating the 2nd largest burn in their history.

Since our first game-changing Raid on Safemoon and conducting one of their largest burns ever, many vagabonds who had heard of our exploits have wandered into our telegram asking ‘What is the Raid about?’. More important though than what is the raid is why do we raid?

Looking across the landscape of clone projects out there, they all employ a similar strategy of growth. Shilling. Influencers. Getting listed on exchanges. Of course these things work but only when Bitcoin is going strong and up and in those times, people will buy anything with a pulse. When the market gets scared, these events tend to pump and dump and often the chart continues downward afterwards. Relying on strategies that only work in a high risk-on market when things are the way they are now doesn’t make sense. That is why we created the Raid. We create our own disruption and bullish markets for who we Raid. And each time we do it our audience grows, our holders grow and our market has grown.

We chose No War Coin because we knew it wasn’t a rug and we wanted to let people know that our Raids are not about creating war with other communities, but creating a Win/Win situation for everyone.

With one Swedish doxxed dev and a worldwide team, their project have been around just 1 month, in that time, No War Coin has already made several donations to the International Medical Corps and Operation Broken Silence of nearly $6,000 even though it has a micro market cap of only $109k currently. They also claim to be one of the first coins to have launched fairly without any bots.

We felt it was a good message to send for our second Raid and to mark the beginning of our long grind ahead. Though our first Raid was to set our sights high and troll the castle, this Second Raid marks the beginning of our step by step process, moving our way gradually through every community we choose to Raid and growing bit by bit. Through each Raid we pickup new interest and smart holders that understand we have a unique strategy to grow. A strategy that does not rely on winning the influencer lottery or the Bitcoin uber bull market where everybody wins, until the music stops. Well the music stopped, but SpaceVikings bucked the trend. While the week following the Safemoon Raid, Safemoon launched their highly anticipated new wallet. They dipped 10% while we more than doubled.

As our Raids continue, we believe we will start to paint a chart for SVT that shows consistent strong and upward growth regardless of what everybody else is doing. Welcome to the age of SpaceViking. The only question now is — who will we Raid next?

This is the Official Space Vikings Medium.