SpaceVikings is one of the first Danish crypto currencies founded by 6 Danish members.

The project aims to bring Denmark to the world of Crypto and show how it can bring people together. The aim is to create real use cases for the project — in a form of payment. Some of the main goals are to launch their own line of beers, where the flavour is decided by the community. Another aim is to have NFT integrated in our Special, limited edition beers. At last they strive to create partnerships with sport betting sites or possibly even launch their own site.

These are just some of the things they are currently working on, but who knows what the future brings.

“The opportunities within the world of crypto are endless — we aim to make the best out of them!”-William Ibsen, CEO

The Tokenomics:

  • 1% Jackpot wallet

A way to give even more to the holders of $SVT they do Daily Jackpots. The 1% of every transaction gets added to the Jackpot Wallet. Once every 24 Hours this wallet is emptied to 50 of our holders!

You can find all their socials here

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